"Marguerite Duras in Trouville" by Hélène Bamberger


"Look at these photos; because if you liked Duras's novels, once you see these photos, you'll immediately want to hear again her music, her luminous intelligence, her intense life".
Vicent José (France Inter).

As part of the section dedicated to this great French creator, together with the French Institute in Barcelona, we shall present work by Hélène Bamberger, who photographed Marguerite Duras between 1980 and 1994, during their summers together in Trouville.

These photos reveal an intimate side of Duras, her spaces, her desk, her bedroom, all framed against the Normandy sky, with or without her "'lover" Yann, by the sea or in the car.

November 9th 2006 to January, 19th 2007. French Institute Galery in Barcelona