Poor Cinema vs. Rich Cinema


Diversity and national and cultural identity in the face of globalisation.

Ever since its creation, the Festival of Poor Cinema in Cuba has promoted and defended the place of low-budget films on the world's audiovisual stage. Its philosophy embraces a range of narratives which reflect an ethical commitment to people and their surroundings, in sharp contrast to the cultural globalisation foisted upon us by the market.

Film director Humberto Solás, Sergio Benvenuto, director of the Poor Cinema Festival, and Álex Navarro from Media Antena Cataluña, will debate the different forms of resistance through filmmaking and discuss points in common with current European filmmaking.

Moderator: Margarita Maguregui, member of l'Alternativa Board

15th November: 7:30 pm. | CCCB, Sala Mirador