Barcelona, São Paulo

Tuesday, 14th November 20 hs CCCB Hall

Cortocircuito is a travelling selection of short films, which has been in Barcelona for two years and in São Paulo since January 2006. Its aim is to give directors the chance to present their work as part of a circuit. All genre, nationality, format, year and length welcome. The selection put together for the Hall Screen at l'Alternativa is a special compilation of international work.

YOURSELF Carlos Gonzalez, Spain, 5min, Vídeo
MEINE HANDE Maryam Motallebzadeh, Germany, 5min, Vídeo
VOZ EN OFF Ana Ribeiro, Brasil, 9min, Vídeo
EL TORO DE GUERNICA Cao Cruz Alves, Brasil, 5min, Vídeo
DRAMATICA Ava Gaitán Rocha, Brasil, 20min, 35mm
O LATIDO DO CACHORRO ALTERA O PERCURSO DAS NUVENS Raul Fernando, Camila Marquez, Rebecca Ramos, Estevão Garcia e Pedro Urano, Brasil, 5min, 16mm
PÃO Andrea Martha, Portugal, 9min, Vídeo