Documenta Madrid is an international documentary film festival which has been held in Madrid for the last three years. We see documentaries as having two sides: an aesthetic side that shows present-day current documentaries aren't afraid to use innovative language and form; and a committed side that make us more aware of the need to change the world if we want a better one. Curated by Antonio Delgado.

Tuesday 14th November Hall CCCB
National programme

Emersión Héctor Zerkowitz, Spain, 17', video, 2005
Le vent sous l'eau Carlos Esbert, Spain, 19' video, 2005
Amor callejero Chema Rodríguez, Spain, 27', video, 2005

Thursday 16th November 20:15 hs Hall CCCB
International programme

Journeys Vinayan Kodoth, India, 38', 35mm, 2004
Kung Fú 2003 Tampico, Germany, 16', video, 2003
Wir Sind Dir Treu Michael Koch, Switzerland / Germany, 9', 35mm, 2005