Duality / Confinement

Since its first edition in 2004, Indie Lisboa has placed short film at the centre of its programming: short films are just as important as feature films. We have organised the films into two groups. The Confinement programme deals with questions of limited space - either by choice or imposition and either literally or metaphorically - and its side effects on human behaviour. The characters in the Duality programme are divided between two equally difficult options or are themselves split psychologically or even physically.

Saturday 11st November 21:30 hs Hall CCCB

Papillon d'Amour Nicolas Provost, Belgium, 2003, 4'
Kenny Martín Mainoli, Argentina, 2000, 5'
Kenny II Martín Mainoli, Argentina, 2002, 5'
AIM Björn Kämmerer / Karoline Meiberger, Austria/Germany, 2005, 3'
Deep Inside Camille Henrot, France, 2005, 7'
Dying Living Woman Camille Henrot, France, 2005, 6'
Impending Doom Edgar Pêra, Portugal, 2006, 8'
Stuart Zepe, Portugal, 2006, 11'
Mäste Erik Rosenlund, Sweden, 2003, 5'

Sunday 12nd November 20:30 hs Hall CCCB

Wir Sind Dir Treu Michael Koch, Switzerland/Germany, 2005, 9'
Of Balance Edgar Santinhos / João Biscaia, Portugal, 2005, 4'
Park Football Grant Orchard, United Kingdom, 2005, 2'
Scope Camille Henrot, France, 2005, 3'
Cold Wa(te)r Teresa Villaverde, Portugal, 2004, 5'
Carlitopolis Luis Nieto, France, 2005, 4'
Growing Through Waiting Ingo Schiller, Germany, 2005, 5'
Aqua Gym Simon Warwick Green, United Kingdom, 2003, 4'
Flur (n. 2) Tessa Knapp, Germany, 2005, 4'