Pulpmovies Film Club


Monday 13rd November 20 hs Hall CCCB
Wednesday 15th November 20:30 hs Hall CCCB

For the second consecutive year, Monorecord returns to the Hall Screen at l'Alternativa as an audiovisual-exchange initiative by the Pulpmovies Film Club in Medellin, Colombia. This highly heterogeneous selection of work in a number of different formats illustrates young Colombian filmmakers' search for a unique personal style to express their relationship with everyday life, the city, the media, squalor, memory and intimacy, and suggests that these images come from a way of seeing the world - experiences.

Cóndor el caballo volador Felipe Montoya, Colombia, 2006, 27'10, Vídeo
TV o la morada de mis imágenes Diana Giraldo, Colombia, 2004, 25'50, Vídeo
Martillo Miguel Salazar, Colombia, 2005, 23', 35mm
Dominó Tapicú, anecdotas de las calle del tuvo Maribell Arango and Maria Paulina Arango, Colombia, 2005, 35', Vídeo