Selected Films


Alsateh Alsateh (The Roof)
by Kamal Aljafari Palestine. 63'. 35mm. 2006

A man returns to his homeland - his parent's Palestine, today's Israel - searching in the contours of interrupted lives and spaces for a sense of place. Alsateh is a film far removed from the spectacular strategies of journalists. Anecdote is raised to the level of allegory, enabling the film to trace meditative paths and rhythms.

Monday 13th November. 18:15h. Auditorium CCCB


Apuntes del natural Apuntes del natural (Sketches of Natural)
by Pablo Romano Argentina. 52'. DVCam. 2005

The end of summer and the beginning of winter: Two seasons in the life of Leonor and Amparo, a married couple living in the Paraná Delta. Their daily routine revolves around cows, horses, insects, chickens and vegetation. Few words are spoken, but the film is nevertheless brimming with dialogue between the protagonists, their remote surroundings and the filmmaker's camera.

Tuesday 14th November. 18:30 h. Auditorium CCCB


El cerco El cerco (The Fence)
by Nacho Martín & Ricardo Íscar Spain. 12'. 35mm. 2005

Every year thousands of tuna enter the Mediterranean, to be hunted by the hand of man in a ritual of death and blood. Trapped within a fence of nets, the terrified fish splash madly with their tails. But it's an unequal fight.

Wednesday 15th November. 18hs. Alexandra 1


El color de los olivos El color de los olivos (The Colour of Olives)
by Carolina Rivas Mexico. 97'. DV. 2006

El color de los olivos is a portrait of the everyday life of the Palestinian Amer family. During construction of the wall between Israel and the West Bank, two rooms of the family's house were destroyed, as well as the greenhouse and poultry shed. However the family resisted and refused to abandon their home - so the wall was built around them. The story of the family offers an opportunity to reflect on time, racial segregation, borders and the absurdity of war.

Saturday 11th November. 22 hs Alexandra2


The Devil's Miner The Devil's Miner
by Richard Ladkini & Kief Davidson Germany / USA. 82'. Betacam. 2005

The Devil's Miner is the story of Basilio Vargas and his brother Bernardino, who live and work in the silver mines of Cerro Rico in Bolivia. Meticulously and skilfully shot, the film takes a journey through hell under the earth and reveals the young boys' courage as they dream of finding silver so they can escape and go to school.

Wednesday 15th November. 21:30 hs Alexandra 2


Distantes Distantes (From the Far)
by Felipe Correa, Mauricio García & Sebastián Melo Chile. 58'. DVCam. 2005

Distantes transports us to everyday life on the remote Chaullín Island in the south of Chile. The twenty families who live there look for ways to grow, build a social base, and market seafood products better and more fairly within the complex rules of an increasingly global and competitive market.

Sunday 12th November. 20hs. Alexandra 2


Elektryczka Elektryczka (The Suburban Train)
by Maciej Cuske Poland. 18'. DV. 2005

This film is like a journey through contemporary Russian society, observing the wide spectrum of people, situations and behaviour unravelled on suburban trains. At times witty, at times funny and always very refreshing.

Saturday 11th November. 18hs. Auditorium CCCB


Mañana al mar Mañana al mar (Tomorrow to the Beach)
by Inés Thomsen Spain. 84'. 16mm. 2005

Barceloneta beach in winter. Waves come and go; José, nearly 90, jogs along the sand; and Paulina, also elderly, sings Cuban boleros whilst swimming in the icy waters. The film is a celebration of old age, and the passion that can accompany it, but it's also about the city's edges as a playground and refuge for a community who have found an extraordinary way to age.

Wednesday 15th November. 18hs. Alexandra 1


Nasiona Nasiona (The Seeds)
by Wojciech Kasperski Poland. 27'. DV. 2005

A small village in the beautiful mountains of southern Siberia. A family lives on the edge of the village, excluded by the community. They have their secrets, and step by step we become involved in their mysterious world. This is a real world, no matter how surreal it appears to be.

Thursday 16th November. 18:30 hs. Auditorium CCCB


Un pont sur la Drina Un pont sur la Drina (A Bridge Over the Drina)
by Xavier Lukomski Belgium / France 18'. 35mm. 2005

From the war in Bosnia we remember above all the names of cities like Sarajevo, Bihac and Srebrenica. But we don't remember Visegrad. The Western media never told us about Visegrad, as if nothing happened there, as if Visegrad never existed.

Monday 13th November. 18:15h. Auditorium CCCB


Saba Saba
by Gregorio Graziosi & Theresa Menezes Brazil.16'. DVCam. 2006

This film is a beautiful observation of the filmmaker's great-grandparents in their home after 75 years of marriage, waiting together patiently.

Saturday 11th November. 18hs. Auditorium CCCB


Strip-Tease Strip-Tease
by V. Nagy Attila Hungary. 6'. Betacam. 2005

Peculiar sounds break the sunrise in rural Hungary, and with great agility are turned into a powerful choreography of colour and feathers.

Tuesday 14th November. 18:30 h. Auditorium CCCB


Views of a Retired Night Porter Views of a Retired Night Porter
by Andreas Horvath Austria. 38'. DV. 2006

The protagonist of Kieslowski's legendary film Night Porter's Point of View is revisited by Andreas Horvath, who finds him retired and relatively well in a Warsaw suburb. His views have not changed much in 30 years - but Poland has.

Tuesday 14th November. 18:30 h. Auditorium CCCB


Voyage en sol majeur Voyage en sol majeur (Journey in G Major)
by Georgi Lazarvski France. 54'. DVCam. 2006

Aimé has long been planning his trip to Morocco down to the last detail, but his wife has never wanted to go with him. When his grandson finally takes him there and films the experience, 91-year-old Aimé rediscovers life and the world. The film manages to look at the past whilst always moving forward.

Saturday 11th November. 18hs. Auditorium CCCB


Soledad en el fin del mundo Soledad en el fin del mundo (Solitude at the End of the World)
by Fernando Zuber & Carlos Casas Italy / Argentina. 52'. Vídeo. 2005

Even in the remotest confines of the planet, there are characters to be discovered whose stories deserve to be told. The three lonely characters who take refuge in the freezing wilderness of the Argentine south seem to merge with the landscape.

Sunday 12th November. 20hs. Alexandra 2


Yellow Box Yellow Box
by Huang Ting-Fu Taiwan. 53'. HDV. 2006

All you need in Taiwan to start your own betel-nut stand is a sexy girl, a hi-fi, desk, chair, mirror, fridge and neon decorations. The stand needs to be located in a main road, to suit the needs of drivers. Yellow Box subtly explores betel-nut-stand rituals and makes us privileged witnesses to a unique and unsettling reality.

Thursday 16th November. 18:30 hs. Auditorium CCCB