Selected Films


Ceci m'est égal si demain n'arrive pas Ceci m'est égal si demain n'arrive pas (I Don't Care If Tomorrow Never Comes)
by Guillaume Malandrin Belgium. 68'. 35mm. 2005

Jacques has just been released from jail and tries to make contact with the son he hardly knows. He finds Anne, the mother, who has also had no contact with her child and persuades her to go along on an unusual family reunion. The emotion and the intensity are encapsulated in the great say nothing, as three people who don't know each other, try to love each other.

Thursday 16 November. 21:45 h. Auditorium CCCB


Monobloc Monobloc
by Luis Ortega Argentina. 83'. 35mm. 2005

Monobloc is a very stylised film about love, loneliness and death in which three Argentinean women share their lives, alcohol and brief moments of joy and tenderness in a strange universe. The film is characterised by a unique visual mood in which the hermetic interiors are even more powerfully stylised than the almost-alien artificial outside world.

Wednesday 15th November. 20:30 h. Auditorium CCCB


Friss levegö Friss levegö (Fresh Air)
by Ágnes Kocsis Hungary. 109'. 35mm. 2006

Fresh Air explores the deceptively wide emotional gap between a workaholic mother who cleans subway toilets and her quietly defiant daughter with ambitions to design clothes, in contemporary Budapest. A deep breath of Kaurismakian deadpan.

Saturday 11th November. 20 h. Alexandra 1


Mutual Appreciation Mutual Appreciation
by Andrew Bujalski USA. 109'. 16mm. 2005

"If Cassavetes had directed a script by Eric Rohmer, the result might have looked and sounded like Mutual Appreciation." Variety. Naturalistic and low key, Mutual Appreciation is a largely improvised comedy about Alan, an indie rocker, who arrives in New York with a gig but no band mates. When not looking for a drummer he drinks and strategises with old friend Lawrence and his girlfriend. Long nights and mixed emotions ensue. Roommates as actors, light 16mm equipment, this is a fresh, comic, melancholic observation of twentysomethings in the process of inventing themselves.

Monday 13th November. 22 h. Auditorium CCCB


The Gaze The Gaze
by Sepideh Farsi France / Iran. 83'. 35mm. 2006

The Gaze focuses on emigration and people returning to their country of origin after years of absence. Esfandyar is Iranian, aged about 40, and living in Paris. Almost simultaneously, he receives two unpleasant pieces of news: he is going blind and his father is dying. He decides to return to Iran to see his father one more time. 20 years of absence have however had a great influence on the relationship between father and son; the alienation is very clear.

Sunday 12th November. 17:45 h. Auditorium CCCB