Humberto Solás: an explorer of his time


Humberto Solás is an emblematic figure within Cuban and Latin American filmmaking. He made his debut in the sixties as one of the founders of the New Latin American Cinema movement. In this same period, he directed Lucía, viewed by critics worldwide as one of the top ten films in the history of Latin American filmmaking.

Solás is one of those rare figures who have known how to adapt to the changes that have taken place around him. He has directed big-budget productions, but was also one of the forerunners of 'poor cinema'. An explorer of his time, he has constantly sought new formats and languages, yet remains fascinated with Cuban society - with its deep roots yet ever-present restlessness.

His work in general seeks to capture an image of humanity in search of national and Latin American identity guided by the ideals of peace, harmony and social justice. He believes passionately in experimentation and views the classical legacy through the sights of contemporary avant-garde filmmaking.

His films have won numerous international awards (at San Sebastián, Huelva, Moscow and Tokyo, amongst others) Un hombre de éxito was the first Cuban film nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

Together with the Casa Amèrica Catalunya, L'Alternativa presents 6 programmes to offer the Barcelona public an opportunity to get to know the work of this outstanding filmmaker.



Sunday 12nd
Barrio Cuba. Cuba. OV. 35 mm. 2005

Monday 13rd
Lucia. Cuba. OV. 160'. 35 mm. 1968
Simparelé. Cuba. OV. 30'. 35 mm. 1974
Wilfredo Lam. Cuba. OV. 45'. 35 mm. 1979
Obataleo. Cuba. OV. 11'. 35 mm. 1988

Tuesday 14th
Cecilia. Cuba OV.159'. 35mm 1981-1982
Miel para Oshun. Cuba. OV. 116'. 35 mm. 2001

Saturday 18th
Un hombre de éxito. Cuba. OV. 116'. 35 mm. 1985