Individual works which touch on universal themes


If you think the programme of work at the Oberhausen Film Festival is simply a compilation of films, then you're very much mistaken. If any one thing characterises this festival - in addition to its warm welcome and international recognition - it's the care it puts into programming.

Individual works mix and interact, revealing trends and common ideas that lead us to universal themes.

Filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Werner Herzog and François Ozon all presented their first films at this Festival.

For the first time in Barcelona, L'Alternativa will present 6 programmes of work.

In collaboration with the Goethe Institute in Barcelona.



Monday 13th November 20 hs Auditorium CCCB

Best of. International Competition
Wasp. Andrea Arnold. UK. OVS Spanish . 23'. 35mm. 2003
Three Poems. Spoon Jackson_Michel Wenzer. Sweden. OVS Spanish 14'. 35mm. 2003
Plus que Deux. Yves Cantraine. Belgium. OVS Spanish. 27'. 35mm. 2002
Eating for Two. Steve Smith. UK. OVS Spanish 3'. 35mm. 2001
Love Me or Leave Me Alone. Duane Hopkins. UK. OVS Spanish . 14'30. 35mm. 2003
Mirror. Matthias Müller/Christoph Girardet. Germany. OV. 8'.35mm. 2003

Friday 17th November 23 hs Auditorium CCCB

Best of. German Competition
Fahrtwind. Philipp Wolf. Germany. OVS Spanish . 12'30''. Betacam 2004
Allerleirauh. Anja Struck. Germany. Without Dialogues. 8'. Betacam. 2004
Mein Erlöser. Athanasios Karanikolas. Germany. 15'. Betacam. 2004
Barbershop Politics. Hannes Gieseler - Anja Schütze/Kartick Singh. Germany. OVS Spanish 20'. Betacam. 2003
Down. Nikias Chryssos -Frank Brandstetter. Germany. OV. 5'. Betacam Color. 2003
Motodrom. Jörg Wagner. Germany. OV. 9'. Betacam. 2006
With you. Eva Könnemann. Germany. OVS Spanish . 19'30 Betacam 2006

Tuesday 14th November 20 hs Alexandra 2 and Wednesday 15th November 20 hs FNAC El Triangle

MuVi Award 2004-2006
Beautiful Day (International Pony). Drehort Sankt Georg. Germany. OV. 10'30. Betacam. 2003
Mugen kyuukou - how to believe in jesus (Tujiko Noriko). Graw Böckler. Germany. OV. 6'30 Betacam. 2003
Let's Push Things Forward (The Streets). Martin Sulzer/Andi Triendl-Julia Weiger. Germany. OV. 3'30.Betacam. 2004
Wordy Rappinghood (Chicks on Speed) . Deborah Schamoni. Germany. OV. 3'30. Betacam. 2004
Working Girl (Amon Tobin). Corine Stübi. Germany. OV 5'30. Betacam. 2004
Die Zeit heilt alle Wunder (Wir sind Helden). Cornelia Cornelson-Florian Giefer. Germany. OV. 9'30. Betacam. 2004.
Bloodsample (losoul). Fordbrothers. Germany. OV. 5'. Betacam. 2004
Cut (Bit Meddler). Till Heim. Germany. OV. 4'. Betacam. 2005
Geht's noch (Roman Flügel). Michel Klöfkorn. Germany. OV. 4'. Betacam. 2005
Lightning Bolts & Man Hands (Hymie's Basement). Markus Wambsganss. Germany. OV. 4'. Betacam. 2004
Swelan (C-Schulz). Christina von Greve. Germany. OV. 5'. Betacam. 2005
The Zoo (Funkstörung). Zeitguised. Germany. OV. 1'. Betacam. 2004
Mabe Not (Catpower). Oliver Pietsch. Germany. OV. 4'30' Betacam. 2005
Panzer (Mediengruppe Telekommander). Nico Roicke. Germany. OV. 2'30 Betacam. 2005
The Lady Moon Turns Sulky (Vernon & Burns). Mariola Brillowska. Germany. OV. 5'30. Betacam. 2006

Wednesday 15th November 19 hs Auditorium CCCB

German Media Art
Counter. Volker Schreiner. Germany. OV. 6'30 Betacam. 2004
Drei Grazien. Hanna Nordholt - Fritz Steingrobe. Germany. OVS Spanish 14'30 Betacam. 2006
Q. Oliver Husain. Germany. OVS Spanish 15'30 Betacam. 2002
Manual. Matthias Müller - Christoph Girardet. Germany and UK. OVS Spanish 10'.Betacam. 2002
3,48 Euro/Min. Michel Klöfkorn. Germany. OV. 5'. Betacam. 2003
Living a Beautiful Life. Corinna Schnitt. Germany. OVS Spanish 13'. Betacam. 2003
On a Wednesday Night in Tokyo. Jan Verbeek. Germany. OV. 5'30 Betacam. 2004

Thursday 16th November; 20:15 hs Auditorium CCCB

Pop and politics / historic programme
Actua Tilt. Jean Herman. France. OVS Spanish. 11'30 35mm. 1960
Les Jeux des anges. Walerian Borowczyk. France. OV. 12'.35mm. 1964
Gratinirani Mozak Pupilije Ferkeverk. Karpo Godina. Yugoslavia. OV. 11´. 35mm. 1970
Weg zum Nachbarn 1981. Nedeljko Dragic. Yugoslavia. OV. 1'30. 35mm. 1981
Foutaises. Jean-Pierre Jeunet. France. OVS Spanish. 7'. 35mm. 1989
Des majorettes dans l'espace. David Fourier. France. OVS Spanish 6'. 35mm. 1996
The Architecture of Reassurance. Mike Mills. USA. OVS Spanish 24'.35mm. 1999

Thursday 16th November 22:15 hs Alexandra 1 and Friday 17th November 17:45 hs Auditorium CCCB

Eastern Europe / historic programme
Nezaposleni Ljudi. Zelimir Zilnik. Yugoslavia. OVS Spanish 8'. 35mm. 1968
Zdravi ljudi za razanodu. Karpo Godina. Yugoslavia. OVS Spanish 15'.35mm. 1971
Tango. Zbigniew Rybzynski. Poland. OV. 8'. 35mm. 1980
Death of Stalinism in Bohemia. Jan Svankmajer. Chec Republic. OV. 10'. 35mm. 1990
Skrajojimai melynam lauke. Audius Stonys. Lithuania. OVS Spanish 21´. 35mm. 1996
Teekond Nirvaanassse. Mait Laas. Estonia. OV. 13'. 35mm. 2000