Hidden music


In 2003, film professional Ferran Alberich restored the Luis Buñuel - Salvador Dalí masterpiece Un chien andalou (1929), one of the most thrilling and fascinating films in the history of Spanish cinema. This work opened the Restored Films Section at the 2003 Cannes Film festival.

Well aware of the importance of the task in hand, Alberich took a great deal of care in restoring the print and had time to speculate on certain aspects of the film which were not completely clear, such as the 1960s soundtrack.

His research revealed that the soundtrack we know today is almost certainly not the one Buñuel had in mind originally: the tangos we hear were only composed in the 1950s.

The film Buñuel and Dalí created had sound and was presented as such with a system in keeping with how they originally conceived the film. The evidence appears to indicate that the original music was changed at the last moment.

In an exclusive session at l'Alternativa 2006, Ferran Alberich will present his findings and project the film with the most plausible soundtrack.

Tuesday 14th november 20:30 hs CCCB Auditorium