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María Cañas

María Cañas aka The Archivist of Seville, is an iconoclastic audiovisual cannibal who devises video frays to explode cliches and to smash genres into smithereens. She spurns distractions, stimulates personal growth and stokes inner fires. Her video collages are exercises in what she calls “trash filmmaking”, remixing and reediting scraps of the infinite debris all around us as she devours everything she finds in her path.

Contact: soloparatustresojos@gmail.com

On Thursday 20 María Cañas will give a masterclass on Trash Filmmaking, Video Frays and Laughter Protest from 4 to 7 pm in the Sala Raval at the CCCB. Sign up beforehand.

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Tomàs Mallol

Indefatigable collector Tomàs Mallol also made 31 shorts in complete creative freedom outside the industry. A common thread runs through his work: his keen awareness of time and his endeavour to reflect the passage of time and its effects on people and the landscape. A tireless autodidact, he is one of the key figures in amateur Catalan filmmaking. This retrospective is a representative sample of his cinema, a splendid inheritance and heritage to be treasured.

Contact: jdorca@ajgirona.cat

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Rose Lowder

L’Alternativa and Xcèntric are joining forces once again! The Xcèntric archive presents its latest acquisitions and screens a sample of 16 mm film by Rose Lowder, one of the most original experimental filmmakers around, who will be at this presentation in person. The digital archive of over 800 experimental and creative documentary films is open to the public free of charge on the -1 floor of the CCCB, between the Auditorium and the Theatre.

Contact: xcentric@cccb.org

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