L'Alternativa Hall

Hall Selects

A section of six programmes put together exclusively for l’Alternativa Hall following a given style or theme or simply out of pure intuition. A rich tapestry of international films and videos for all audiences, though perhaps not for all tastes. Eccentricities, conviction, genius, documentary, criticism, humour, observation and intimate visions. Pure eclecticism for curious eyes.

Frame by Frame (40') 18/11, 19.15 h — 20/11, 22 h

Light and dark, disquiet and tenderness, nostalgia & co. unfurl right before your very eyes to reveal delicate textures from times gone by. Eight pieces that simply ooze poetry.

Edgy Images

Images from the edge that twist their way through faraway, forgotten (and often undesirable) realities. Geographical and personal paths forged by survivors in hostile worlds.

Session 1 (36') 19/11, 22.45 h — 20/11, 21.30 h

Session 2 (57') 20/11, 19 h — 23/11, 19.30 h

On Mating and other Tales (55') 21/11, 22.30 h — 23/11, 20.30 h

A series of bittersweet, zesty variations on the tales we are told and those we tell ourselves.