16-22 November 2015

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Poetry animation workshop

The Flipbook Garden is both an introductory animated poetry workshop for children and an ongoing creative project. After letting their marker pens colour the paper by chance (planting a flipbook), participants draw their own flipbook (reaping the harvest). Inspired by the poetry all around us (sometimes full poems, other times floating lines or single words), we break works of poetry down and recreate them in another guise—before heading off in a new direction. At the end of the workshop not only can children take their work home, but they’ll also have planted a new flipbook so that the activity can continue in the future with other children somewhere else.

The workshop will be given by illustrator Rafa Castañer, from A Home in Progress Film, an educational collective that works with movement as an expressive tool to channel emotional language and streams of thought when creating animation. Their approach is rooted in the belief that all creative processes such as learning are driven by the need to express yourself: games and creativity are the trigger for all meaningful learning. In this workshop we introduce children to animation techniques where they can let their imagination run wild.


Sunday 22 November at 10.30 am
Place: Sala Raval CCCB
Given by: Rafa Castañer, A Home in Progress Film
Length: 90 min
Price: €6
Age: 7 and up
Places are limited.

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