16-22 November 2015

L'Alternativa Parallel

Independent Film Lab Collectives

Independent Film Lab Collectives

Filmmakers worldwide are banding together to champion creative work on celluloid film.

Innovative creators and filmmakers are setting up and running independent film labs as creative spaces where they have free control over the entire filmmaking process (filming, developing and screening). Based on feedback and mutual support, these artist-run collectives help train up-and-coming directors and offer an alternative form of producing and screening films. Over 36 independent film labs from all over the world have linked up to create an international community on the Filmlabs network.

This year l’Alternativa has teamed up with Crater-Lab, a new Barcelona film lab, to create the Independent Film Lab Collectives, which will feature screenings, performances and a range of activities – including an opening-night improvised screening, a symposium, a roundtable and workshops – to present these labs’ films, philosophy and way of working.

A number of parallel activities (a symposium, a roundtable and two workshops) also tie in with the Independent Film Lab Collectives section.

Monday 16 November, 7.30 pm CCCB Auditorium

L'Alternativa 2015 Opening Night

L'Alternativa 2015 Opening Night

Crater-Lab Film Collective

Tuesday 17 November, 7.30 pm French Institute in Barcelona

Screening: MIRE - Cinéma expérimental & image en mouvement (Nantes) (30')

Film Labs
Trace (Mire Home-Movie)
2012 2' S8 mm
Will Rifer
2014 3' Super8
L|R introduction
Will Rifer
2015 2' 16 mm
In The Wake Of #2 Roads (Sillages #2 Routes)
Antoine Ledroit, Aurlie Percevault
2010 5' S8 mm
Untitled Trailer #1
Antoine Ledroit, Thomas Chatard
2015 2' 35 mm
Thomas Chatard, Julien Quentel
2009 2' 16 mm
Performance [...]
Carole Thibaud, Mariane Moula
Live screening 10' 16 mm

With Carole Thibaud, Mariane Moula and Aurélie Percevault

Screening: ETNA. Atelier du cinéma (Montreuil) (41')

Film Labs
Victor De Las Heras, Anas Ibert
2014 11' 16 mm
Frdrique Menant
2015 10' 16 mm
On ira Neuilly Inch'Allah
Mehdi Ahoudig, Anna Salzberg
2015 20' 16 mm

With Emmanuel Falguières and Victor de las Heras

Tuesday 17 November, 9.30 pm French Institute in Barcelona

Film Labs
Film Performance: Sans titres
Gaëlle Rouard
2014 25' 16 mm
Film Performance: Sounds Awful
2014 30' 16 mm

Wednesday 18 November, 9 pm CCCB Auditorium


Screening: Filmverkstaden (Finland) (30')

Film Labs
Disaster Movie
Lasse Vairio
2015 1' 16 mm Digital screening
The Frogman
Lasse Vairio
2013 7' Super8 Digital screening
Dragos Alexandrescu
2012 4' Digital
Exercising Failure
Dragos Alexandrescu
2013 5' Super8 Digital screening
Tracing Places
Britt Kootstra
2014 4' 16 mm Digital screening
Finland in 4 movements
Arvid van der Rijt
2013 3' 16 mm Digital screening
The Golden Watch
Andreas Westerberg
2014 3' 16 mm Digital screening

With Britt Kootstra

Screening: Filmlab Klubvizija SC (Croatia) (30')

Film Labs
Friedrichsfelde Ost
Milica Jovčić, Nenad Ćosić
2014 2' 16 mm Digital screening
Permanent Meeting
Maja Rezoug
2014 3' Super8 Digital screening
Chicken Wings
Lucija Mrzljak, Aggie Lee Pak Yee
2015 5' Super8 Digital screening
Tomislav oban
2013 4' 16 mm Digital screening
Milan Stepanovich
Lucija Mrzljak, Patricija Stepanović
2013 3' 16 mm
Josip ćurec
2012 2' 16 mm
Branka Valjin
2013 4' 16 mm Digital screening
Vana Gaćina
2014 3' 16 mm
Anita Budimir
2015 3' 16 mm Digital screening

With Branka Valjin

Wednesday 18 November, 10.30 pm CCCB Sala Raval

Film Labs
Quelques minutes de soleil après minuit
Xavier Quérel
Film/sound/light performance 40' 16 mm

Thursday 19 November, 10 pm CCCB Auditorium


Screening: Iris Film Collective (Canada) (55')

Film Labs
Blind Spots
Amanda Thompson
2013 10' Super8 Digital screening
Devonian Mirage
Ariel Kirk-Gushowaty
2014 5' Super8 Digital screening
Alex Mackenzie
2014 5' 16 mm Digital screening
Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty
2014 5' 16 mm Digital screening
Lisa G.
2014 7' Super8 Digital screening
The Hammer and the Feather
John Woods
2013 20' 16 mm Digital screening
Forward Biased Condition
John Woods
2013 3' 16 mm Digital screening

With John Woods and Amanda Thomson

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