16-22 November 2015

L'Alternativa Professionals

Project Advice

L'Alternativa Professionals

Following the Q&A session at the end of the 6th L'Alternativa Professionals Symposium the speakers and other invited guests will give advice sessions for selected projects.

These sessions aim to boost production and distribution opportunities for emerging filmmakers by promoting innovative projects and helping the Catalan audiovisual industry expand worldwide.

We received 110 submissions for the advice sessions and have selected 19 feature films at different stages of development, from treatment to postproduction.

This year, these projects will be featured for six months, free of charge, on Filmarket Hub, an online marketplace that puts film screenplays and projects in contact with potential producers or coproducers.

Selected projects

  1. #ComPol DIRECTOR Víctor Alonso Berbel PRODUCER Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Fractal 7 Films
  2. 2 km DIRECTOR Alejandro Cabrera Pérez, Alazne Vázquez, Maite Redondo PRODUCER Maite Redondo
  3. 6 monjas DIRECTOR Pilar Palomero PRODUCER Inicia Films, Valérie Delpierre
  4. Álbum familiar DIRECTOR Raúl García Egüés
  5. Aullarán los perros DIRECTOR Fernando Vílchez Rodríguez PRODUCER Bergman was right Films
  6. El último pueblo de Madrid DIRECTOR Julia Campo Segura PRODUCER Dedo Gordo Producciones, Xabi Larrañaga
  7. En busca del Oscar DIRECTOR Octavio Guerra Quevedo PRODUCER Calibrando Producciones, Elisa Torres
  8. Fintroducción DIRECTOR Jesús Marcos Escuredo
  9. IDRISSA. Crònica d'una mort qualsevol DIRECTOR Xavier Artigas, Xapo Ortega PRODUCER METROMUSTER
  10. Judas DIRECTOR Juan Carlos Carrano Henríquez, Raúl Capdevila Murillo, Raúl García Egüés, Alejandra Vera Benito PRODUCER Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Juan Carlos Carrano Henríquez
  11. La concursante DIRECTOR Alberto Diana
  12. Nada demasiado importante DIRECTOR Miguel Angel Blanca Pachón PRODUCER Boogaloo Films
  13. O dolorosa gioia DIRECTOR Gonzalo López PRODUCER Sweetwater Pictures y Aved Productions, Javier Rueda
  14. Padre Tayacán DIRECTOR Rubén Margalló Acebrón PRODUCER Col·lectiu Rucs
  15. Princesa 49 DIRECTOR Norma Nebot PRODUCER Associació de Periodisme Fora de Quadre, Olga Cámara
  16. Rutina 104 DIRECTOR Jorge Caballero PRODUCER GusanoFilms
  17. Tierras de soledad DIRECTOR Meritxell Colell Aparicio PRODUCER Polar Star Films, Carles Brugueras
  18. Una mujer maravillosa DIRECTOR Jordi Cadena
  19. Viaje alrededor del cuarto de una madre DIRECTOR Celia Rico Clavellino PRODUCER Amorós Producciones, Josep Amorós

Project advisers

  1. Aritz Cirbián
    Producer and consultant. Verkami
  2. Daniel Saltzwedel
    Producer, distributor and lecturer. Ma.ja.de. Filmproduktion
  3. David Epiney
    Filmmaker and producer. Alina Film
  4. Ena Rahelić
    Producer and distributor Sarajevo Film Festival
  5. Mar Coll
    Screenwriter, director and lecturer.
  6. Mar Medir
    International promotion and international market manager. Catalan Films & TV
  1. Miguel Ángel Blanca Pachón
    Filmmaker. Boogaloo Films
  2. Nico Marzano
    Film programmer. Institute of Contemporary Arts
  3. Ramiro Ledo
    Filmmaker, programmer and distributor. Numax
  4. Valerie Delpierre
    Producer. Inicia Films
  5. Xapo Ortega
    Filmmaker and producer. Metromuster

Supported by

Catalan Films & TV and Filmarket Hub.