13-19 November 2017

The Illinois Parables

Deborah Stratman

The Illinois Parables (Deborah Stratman)
L'Alternativa Parallel / Deborah Stratman / The Illinois Parables


A suite of Midwestern parables that questions the historical role belief has played in ideology and national identity. Using archive imagery, testimony, verbal and dramatic re-enactment, voiceover and on-screen text, each regional vignette relays a tale of exodus, messianism, technological breakthrough or resistance somewhere in the state of Illinois. Both deeply local and universally allegorical, The Illinois Parables hint at a secular liturgical form.


  • Country United States
  • Year 2016
  • Format Digital
  • Running time 60 min
  • Image BW/Colour
  • Language English
  • Subtitles Catalan
  • Production company Pythagoras Film
  • Producer Deborah Stratman
  • Screenplay Deborah Stratman
  • Photography Deborah Stratman
  • Editor Deborah Stratman
  • Music Okkyung Lee, Olivia Block, Jeanne Demessieux, Arvo Pärt, Les Porte-Mentaux, Gurdjieff & DeHartmann, Barry Adamson
  • Sound Deborah Stratman
  • Actors C. Felton Jennings II, José Oubrerie, Daniel Verdier, David Gatten, Anna Toborg


Sundance Film Festival Berlinale Forum Special Mention - L'Alternativa Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona Douglas Edwards Independent/Experimental Film/Video Prize - 42nd LA Film Critics Association Awards Stan Brakhage Award - Ann Arbor Film Festival

Presented by Deborah Stratman 15/11


Wednesday 15, 21.15 h — Auditori CCCB