13-19 November 2017

L'Alternativa Paralelas

Deborah Stratman

Deborah Stratman - O’er the Land (Deborah Stratman)
O’er the Land (Deborah Stratman)

Deborah Stratman (Washington, DC, 1967) is a filmmaker and teacher at the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois. Much of her work points to the relationships between physical environments and the human struggles for power that play out on the land. Recent projects have addressed freedom, identity, control, ghosts and faith. Blurring the lines between documentary and experimental film, her 36 films to date mix analogue and digital images with archive footage and have picked up a number of prizes at festivals worldwide.

Deborah Stratman
Deborah Stratman

Her work was first screened in Spain in 2002, when In Order Not to Be Here competed in the Official Section at l’Alternativa, and she has been a festival regular ever since: in 2009 she won the Best Documentary Feature Award for O’er the Land and in 2016 she was awarded a Special Mention for her feature The Illinois Parables.

Deborah Stratman will be at l’Alternativa 2017 in person to give the Sonic Rambling workshop and to present the retrospective on her work.

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