13-19 November 2017

L'Alternativa Paralelas

Eric Pauwels

Eric Pauwels - Lettre d’un cineaste à sa fille (Eric Pauwels)
Lettre d’un cineaste à sa fille (Eric Pauwels)

Eric Pauwels (Antwerp, 1953) studied filmmaking in Paris under Jean Rouch. For many years he lectured at the Institut national supérieur des arts du spectacle (INSAS) in Brussels while writing and directing films, creating ethnographic pieces and fashioning formats close to videodance and hybrids with other performing arts.

Eric Pauwels
Eric Pauwels

In 2002 he began his current line of work, including the Trilogie de la cabane (Cabin Trilogy), named in reference to the small hut at the bottom of his garden, a haven which he has put at the heart of his personal memory. Narrated in the style of a first-person diary that he has made his own, the trilogy is made up of Lettre d’un cineaste à sa fille (2002), Les Films revés (2009) and La Deuxième Nuit (2016). Taken together, they are one of the most personal and stimulating bodies of work in recent filmmaking.

Eric Pauwels will be at l'Alternativa 2017 in person to give the seminar The Distance with Respect to the Other in First-Person Filmmaking, as well as presenting this retrospective.

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