13-19 November 2017

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Michael Glawogger

Michael Glawogger - Megacities (Michael Glawogger)
Megacities (Michael Glawogger)

Michael Glawogger (Austria, 1959 – Liberia, 2014) was a filmmaker, screenwriter and director of photography. He worked with Ulrich Seidl before making a number of films of his own. In both his fiction films and documentaries, he explores the chaos and contradictions at the heart of human existence. The trilogy of Megacities (1998), Workingman’s Death (2005) and Whores’ Glory (2011) explores the world of work and poverty and combines observational cinema with a fascination with extremes, in a gesture that aims to show the difficult and complex nature of the lives of the people portrayed. Glawogger died while working on his last film, Untitled.

Michael Glawogger
Michael Glawogger

It’s like Plato says, beauty is the splendour of truth. So if there is any truth in that reality, I show it comes from there.

— Michael Glawogger —

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