12-18 November 2018

L'Alternativa Activities

Family Workshop: Let’s Make a Movie with thetreeonthesea

L'Alternativa Activities - Family Workshop: Let’s Make a Movie with thetreeonthesea

Body Symphony

This workshop offers families the chance to discover their expressive potential by using their body as a creative tool as they help make a group animation film. Filmed by a bird’s-eye-view camera, we’ll move our bodies to represent different shapes and figures based on a range of sounds and objects, while at the same time playing and experimenting with stop-motion techniques.

Aimed at children and grownups eager to move their body, laugh like there’s no tomorrow, roll and tumble around, crawl across the floor and star in the liveliest group animation film ever made.

The workshop will be led by Àlex Tovar and Àfrica Fanlo.

thetreeonthesea is a creative studio led by illustrator Àfrica Fanlo and writer Àlex Tovar, where ideas and stories become films, music videos, animations, advertising campaigns and books for children and adults. Their animations have brought to life Londji Creative Toys, Andreu Rifé’s music and the 10th edition of El Meu Primer Festival de Cinema.



  • Friday 9 November, 6–8 pm
  • Saturday 10 November, 3–8 pm
  • Sunday 11 November, 11 am to 2 pm (Group A) or 4–7 pm (Group B)
  • Sala Raval CCCB
  • Recommended age: 7 and up
  • Places: 24
  • Price: €12

Breakdown of Workshop

Sunday 9 November, 6–8 pm (All participants)

  1. Brief explanation of workshop (15 min)
  2. Form groups (15 min)
  3. Together we’ll create a sound map linking different sounds to specific body movements (1 h 30)

Saturday 10 November, 3–8 pm (All participants)

  1. Shoot (3-4 h)
    Using the sound map, we’ll take it in turns to play a sequence of sounds while the others perform the choreography
  2. After the break, we’ll discuss which items and objects to bring the next day for a stop-motion shoot, including an explanation and practical example (1 h)

Sunday 11 November, 11 am to 2 pm (Group A in the morning)
Sunday 11 November, 4–7 pm (Group B in the afternoon)

  1. Stop-motion shoot (3 h)
    We’ll animate different items and objects using stop-motion techniques

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