16-29 NOV. 2020
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Legal Notice

1. Ownership

Pursuant to Act 40/2015, of 1 October 2015, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector, we hereby inform you that the owner of the official website at alternativa.cccb.org is identified as:

Name: La Fàbrica de Cinema Alternatiu de Barcelona (hereinafter La Fàbrica)
Tax code: G-60.234.903
Address: Carrer Montalegre 5, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
Telephone: +34 93 306 41 00
Fax: +34 93 306 41 01
Email address: [email protected]

In accordance with the aforementioned law, the establishment of an official website implies the owner’s responsibility for the integrity, veracity and updating of the information and the services that are accessible through it.

Furthermore, the law establishes that the owner of any official website that contains a link to another website, responsibility for which corresponds to a third party, shall not be responsible for the integrity, veracity or updating of the latter, and shall establish the necessary mechanisms to ensure that visitors are aware of whether the information or service they are accessing corresponds to the official website itself, to a different point of access or to a third-party website.

2. Acceptance by Users

Access to and use of this official website (https://alternativa.cccb.org) and all the subdomains and directories included under it, as well as the services and contents that can be obtained through it, are subject to the provisions of this Legal Notice, notwithstanding the fact that some of these services or contents may require the acceptance of additional general conditions.

La Fàbrica offers free and unrestricted access to the information and contents of this website. Access is the exclusive responsibility of the user and any use made of this website or the services or contents it includes will imply the unconditional acceptance of the legal terms and conditions set out in this text.

La Fàbrica reserves the right, at all times and without the need for any prior notice, to change or update the information contained on its website, as well as the configuration, presentation and contents thereof, the services offered and the terms and conditions of usage.

The user hereby acknowledges and accepts that it is the user’s responsibility to remain informed regarding the website and its Legal Notice.

3. General Terms of Use

The user hereby undertakes to make appropriate use of the website and its contents and services in accordance with the law, this Legal Notice, good practices and public order. Furthermore, the user hereby undertakes not to use the website or its services for illicit purposes or purposes contrary to this Legal Notice, against the rights or interests of third parties, or for any purposes that may damage the website, disable it or deteriorate so that other users are prevented from making normal use of it.

The user hereby undertakes not to introduce programs or viruses of any kind likely to cause alterations in La Fàbrica’s computer systems or those of third parties. The user also undertakes not to destroy, alter, render useless or tamper with the data, programs or electronic and other documents that are found on the website.

The user hereby undertakes not to obtain any information, messages, photographs, sound and/or image files, recordings, software and, in general, any kind of material accessible via the website or the services offered that have not been expressly authorised by La Fàbrica.

La Fàbrica reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to its official website and the services it offers without the need for any prior warning, at its own request or that of a third party, to any users who contravene the general conditions of use or the specific conditions established therein.

La Fàbrica also reserves the right to remove any comments and/or contributions that violate respect for a person’s dignity, when these are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, contravene public order and security, or which, in its judgement, are not suitable for publication. In any event, La Fàbrica will not be held responsible for any opinions expressed by users through the blogs or any other tools for participation that may be developed.

La Fàbrica will pursue any non-compliance with these conditions, as well as any undue use of its website, and undertake any legal actions that may be available to it.

4. Limitation of Guarantees and Liabilities

La Fàbrica makes every effort possible to avoid any errors in relation to the contents of this website. In any event, La Fàbrica shall not be liable for any errors in contents that may appear that are not attributable to it.

La Fàbrica adopts all necessary measures and mechanisms to guarantee the security of communications and transcriptions that take place through the website, according to the current state of the relevant technology and in accordance with the type of transactions and services that are made available to users.

La Fàbrica shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused to the computer system of users due to any cause outside or not attributable to this website, including, but not limited to, harm caused due to interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone malfunctions or disconnections of the electronic system’s operating functions. Furthermore, La Fàbrica shall not be liable for any interruption, error or failure that occurs in the system due to incorrect functioning of the network or of the services connected to it.

5. Intellectual and Industrial Property

The design of this website, its source codes as well as the La Fàbrica and l’Alternativa trademarks, and others included on the website, belong to La Fàbrica and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights.

All contents of the website, including texts, images, audio and any other material, are the property of La Fàbrica or of third parties that have authorised their use by La Fàbrica and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights. Public communication of any material and contents via the website does not under any circumstances imply any transfer, renunciation or transmission, whether total or partial, of the corresponding intellectual or industrial property rights.

La Fàbrica authorises the total or partial reproduction of its contents solely for personal use by users and under no circumstances may such contents be subsequently transferred or transmitted to third parties or installed in a server connected directly or indirectly to the Internet or a local network in such a way that third parties may access the aforementioned information which is the property of La Fàbrica through media other than this website.

The use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, alteration or any other similar activity of any content from the website (videos, images, documents or audios) is totally prohibited, unless otherwise specifically indicated in said content.

Notwithstanding the above, use will be permitted of texts published on the website created under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA licence, which implies the following:

  • Attribution (BY): The contents may be copied, distributed, exhibited and performed and derived works can be made providing that the users recognise and cites the work in the form specified by La Fàbrica.
  • Share Alike (SA): The beneficiary of the licence has the right to distribute derived works under a licence identical to the licence regulating the original work.

Any contravention of intellectual or industrial property rights by users will be subject to a demand of any corresponding legal liability for any use, outside of those uses permitted, that represents the violation of such rights.

6. Use of Cookies

Access to the website implies the use of cookies from external providers to analyse what is happening on our website’s pages. Accessing the website implies the user’s express and unreserved acceptance of our Cookies Policy.

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored in the browser used by each internet user so that the server can remember certain information that can subsequently only be read by the server that installed them. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and the user’s computer and do not provide any references that allow the user’s personal details to be deduced.

Users may configure their browsers to notify and reject the installation of cookies sent by La Fàbrica; this will not affect the user being able to continue accessing the contents.

7. Publication of Legal Information

The legal information provided through this website does not substitute the legal publications of the respective laws, general regulations and acts which must be formally published in the BOE and/or other official gazettes.

8. Applicable Legislation and Competent Jurisdiction

The law to be applied in the event of any dispute related to interpretation of the terms that configure this Legal Notice, as well as any question related with the services of this website, will be the applicable Spanish and/or Catalan law(s).

For any dispute that may arise from visits to the website or from the uses that it offers, La Fàbrica and the user hereby agree to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona and expressly waive their right to any other jurisdiction to which they may have recourse.

9. Accessibility

Accessibility is understood as ensuring universal access to the whole website for all persons, regardless of their language, culture, geographical location or abilities, avoiding any discrimination arising through the specific difficulties of any visitor. To meet these objectives, La Fàbrica strives constantly to make its website more accessible, faster and more useful for all people without distinction.