16-29 NOV. 2020
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1975, somewhere near the Valley of the Fallen, Spain. Franco is still smitten with Hitler and devises a plan to bring him back to life so that they can take over the world together. Sadly, Hitler can't stand Franco. Hitler's depressed. All Hitler wants to do is kill himself. Franco, though, won't take no for an answer and keeps bringing him back to life. He needs to have sex with Hitler to set off the final big bang.


Asier Abio studied audiovisual production and screenwriting and works as assistant director on films, documentaries and adverts. He writes, directs and edits his own short films and documentaries, many of them produced by El Monstruito, a creative team formed with Mentxu Sesar. His multi-award-winning and shocking short Bariku Light has been screened worldwide and censored by YouTube because of its explicit sex and violence, tinged with black humour. His most highly acclaimed documentary is the feature Sputnik!, a horror and fantasy DIY guerrilla filmmaking tribute.