16-29 NOV. 2020
Onsite + Online

Moving Cinema


Forging Ties with Young People

For a number of years, l’Alternativa, Cinema en curs and Moving Cinema have been working in tandem to forge closer ties between the festival and young people. Thanks to Cinema en curs and Moving Cinema—and hours of hard work by dedicated teaching staff—we have been able to set up projects to encourage young people to discover and analyse a range of different styles of filmmaking and then write texts and give public presentations about the films they have watched. In this year like no other, when l'Alternativa has had to move fully online, we have kept up our work with young people by adapting the format where necessary.

Young programmers talk to…

A group of 19- to 20-year-olds who had already been Moving Cinema Young Programmers at the Filmoteca de Catalunya selected three films to present and explore in greater detail. During the festival they will be sharing clips of their own presentations and their interviews with the filmmakers of the following films:

The group of Moving Cinema Young Programmers at l’Alternativa is made up of Sabrina Atanasiu, Vidal Casado i Torrente, Antoni Grañana, Albert López Ricart and Júlia Ruiz i Quintana.

Young Spectators – Young Recommenders

For the second edition, we are joined by a team of #YoungRecommenders, who have written a text and posts on social media to encourage other young people to discover a film at this year's festival:

Their insightful text offers a fascinating insight into this film. The team of Young Recommenders is made up of a group of 1st year baccalaureate students at the Institut Maria Espinalt: Nora Laghbali, Yu Feng Chen, Jazmany Álvarez Paredes, Julia Caldú Pegenaute, Tsvete Iskrenova Plugchieva, Héctor Sánchez Alcón, Eva Madueño Sánchez and Eulalia Ortiz Valencia.

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