16-29 NOV. 2020
Onsite + Online

Makun (no llores). Dibujos en un C.I.E.


Immigrant Detention Centres (Centros de Internamiento para Extranjeros, CIE) are a human rights black hole: prisons for innocent people locked up without having committed any crime. Hidden away from public view, they are rarely accessible by judges, journalists and NGOs. Makun (no llores) is an animated documentary that brings to life thousands of drawings found on the walls of a CIE in the Canary Islands. It gives a voice to three migrants who talk about their dreams and nightmares as they are rocked to sleep by the lullaby in the name of the film, while at the same time calling on us to wake up and demand that human rights be respected.


Emilio Martí López (Valencia, 1978) is a filmmaker, animator and art therapist and educator. His experimental animation work often explores the world of human rights. He works regularly with schools and vulnerable groups in society to make group animated films. His academic research work focuses on LGTBIQ issues and how to represent them in animation. He has won awards for best director and best screenwriter at festivals worldwide and his films Desanimado (2011), Marhaba, ¡hola! (2017) and Makun (2019) have all won awards for best short film.