16-29 NOV. 2020
Onsite + Online

Nunca subí el Provincia


By drawing on his family memories and his inner creative processes, Ignacio Agüero sketches out a personal and collective map of his relationship with the corner of his block, where a new building has changed neighbourhood life and blocked his view of the Andes mountain range. We follow events through the letters he writes to a young filmmaker who brought him her first film and it soon becomes clear that the way we organise time not only structures the process of filmmaking but also shapes our understanding of life.


Ignacio Agüero (Santiago de Chile, 1952) is a director, screenwriter and producer who has appeared in several films by Raúl Ruiz. After studying filmmaking at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, he soon embarked upon a long career directing acclaimed films such as Aquí se construye (1977), Como me da la gana (1985), Cien niños esperando un tren (1988), El diario de Agustín (2008), El otro día (2012) and Como me da la gana II (2016), among others.

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