We run two initiatives to help extend the reach of the Barcelona Independent Film Festival, l'Alternativa, beyond the time and place of the Festival itself:

Exchanges & l'Alternativa Takes a Trip

L'Alternativa Takes a Trip

Takes a Trip

A project on the move

Our goal is to increase access to independent films by preparing programmes to be screened in cultural centres, cinemas, festivals, universities and film societies.

Since 2006 selections of films from l'Alternativa have travelled to Helsinki (Love and Anarchy), Shanghai (Suzhou Creek Art Gallery), Paris (Signes de nuit), Rome (RIFF), Milan (Milan Film Festival), Lisbon (IndieLisboa), Madrid (La Casa Encendida, Cineteca del Matadero, Documenta Madrid, La Enana Marrón), Saint Petersburg (Art Centre Bereg), Barcelona (CaixaForum, COAC, Cinema Maldà), Cerbère (Rencontres Cinématographiques), Girona (Museu del Cinema), Bogotá (Fundación Artehoy), Perpignan (Institut Jean Vigo), Medellín (Centro Colombo Americano), Montevideo (Centro Cultural de España), Santiago de Chile (Centro Cultural de España), amongst others.

For more information please contact [email protected].