O'er the Land
Deborah Stratman
United States, 2008
16mm | 51min. | Colour | VOSC

Production: Deborah Stratman ([email protected])

Screenplay: Deborah Stratman
Photography: Deborah Stratman
Editor: Deborah Stratman
Music: Maryane Amacher, Kevin Drumm, Steve Rowell, Lustmord
Sound: Deborah Stratman, Jacob Ross
O’er the Land takes its title from the American National Anthem, "o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave." The anthem and what it connotes — patriotism, valour, war — serve as a backdrop against which the film unfolds. The 16mm meditative images observe the cultural systems which are such an important part of the American way of life and question the ways Americans have come to understand freedom and national identity.
Deborah Stratman is a Chicago-based artist and filmmaker interested in landscapes and systems. She is currently working on projects about manifest destiny, freedom, and paranormal occurrences in the information age. Stratman's work has been exhibited and won awards internationally. She teaches at the University of Illinois, Chicago. In Order Not To Be Here was screened at l'Alternativa 2002.

Sundance Film Festival, 2009
Ken Burns Award - Anne Arbour, 2009
Best International Film - Images Festival Toronto, 2009
International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2009