20 - 25 November 2012
Seminaris: present i futur de l'audiovisual
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Taller: Documental interactivo
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Film Schools

Workshops: audiovisual present and future

Tuesday 6 November
Espai Martí l'Humà. Museo de Historia de Barcelona (7-8 pm)

New creators v old technologies
What would happen if 21st-century filmmakers could only use a toy from yesteryear to create their work? In 1931, the Nicolau Griñó brothers patented the Cine Nic, a device for making homemade animated films that became a worldwide bestseller. 9zeros film school will present practical examples made by its students and give a Cine Nic seminar-workshop for all audiences to expand on the activities in the Film School section as part of the exhibition Illusion and Movement: from Shadows to Film.
By running this workshop, 9zeros aims to combine fun and technique, past and future to help students grow as creators and artists at a time when most animation is created with and for technology.

Thursday 22 November
Auditori del CCCB (11 am - 1 pm)
Universitat de Vic / Máster en Teoría y Práctica del Documental Creativo de la UAB

Interactive Documentary
Interactive documentary is a new way of creating and understanding documentary filmmaking, since it uses narratives that overcome the distance between viewers and creators and creates a new model for creation and production. Given the new paradigm created by platforms and digital contents, this session will present and explore different projects carried out in recent years to promote and debate trends in this field.

The following projects will be presented by their creators, followed by a debate with the audience:

Projecte Lumières
En un xip multicolor
Seat. Las sombras del progreso

Followed by a Q&A session.

Friday 23 November
Auditorium, CCCB (11 am - 1 pm)
Estudio de Cine

The web series revolution
Daniel Resnich, coordinator of Estudiodecine's Master's in Screenwriting, offers an introduction to creating web series. Up-and-coming talent in the world of new fiction looks to the internet for inspiration and innovation. We shall look at the creative keys to the most successful web series to answer some key questions: How do you set up a web series? What formats can you use? What must be in a screenplay? How do you choose a genre? What are the best strategies?
This session offers a breath of fresh air to encourage you to come up with your own series, inspired by the likes of: The booth at the end, Perestroika, La loca de mierda, Con Pelos en la lengua, Cien enfermedades incurables, Desalmados, Las Crónicas de Maia, Desenterrats, Hasta que la boda nos separe, LHC, Háztelo mirar y Serienómanos, etc.

Free entrance. Limited places. Groups: please book beforehand.
Information and reservations: Patricia Sánchez

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