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Directing Actors  —  Make Your Own Chroma  —  Intervene, appropriate, film and manipulate

Blanquerna | Universitat Ramon Llull - Directing Actors Estudio de cine - Make Your Own Chroma Left Hand Rotation - Intervene, appropriate, film and manipulate

A space for sharing knowledge and experience where students and professionals can hone their audiovisual skills.

Tuesday 18 November

CCCB Auditorium (11 am – 1 pm)
Blanquerna | Universitat Ramon Llull School of Communication and International Relations

Directing Actors

Judith Colell, an award-winning director, teacher and founder of CIMA, will give a practical introduction to directing professional and nonprofessional actors. She will work with an actor on a text and look at different approaches to the same scene. She will then get participants to come up with different ways of directing the actor in the same scene.

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Wednesday 19 November

CCCB Auditorium (11 am – 1 pm)
Estudio de cine

Make Your Own Chroma

Carol Novell, an expert in digital editing and postproduction, will give a practical class on chroma keying: what kind of chroma to choose, how to light it, what to bear in mind if the camera moves (tracking points) and how to integrate it into the scene in postproduction. We’ll look at some hands-on examples and light, shoot and integrate them with Nuke (tracker, chroma key, spill suppression and correct colour).

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Thursday 20 November

CCCB Auditorium (11 am – 1 pm)
Master’s in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary Making at the UAB

Intervene, appropriate, film and manipulate

Left Hand Rotation is an artistic collective that approaches each project with the idea that the target community aren’t just spectators, but play a vital role in transforming social reality.
Each of their actions takes account of the audiovisual register, both its value as raw capture and each video clip’s potential to become units of language that can be combined and altered to get across complex messages based on everyday details. The camera might only be able record the specific context it is in, but the collective uses these local shots to think about a complex global system.

Left Hand Rotation can also be found at l’Alternativa Hall presenting their short Ficción inmobiliaria in the More Wood... programme in the Hall Selects section (Friday 21 at 9.30 pm and Saturday 22 at 7.15 pm) and their short Western: Sáhara (22/11, 17 h) in the Hall Didactics section (Saturday 22 at 5 pm).

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Free admission. Places are limited. Groups should book beforehand.
Information and booking: Patricia Sánchez ([email protected])