16-29 NOV. 2020
Onsite + Online
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Lembranzas da habitación azul [provisional]


Roberto returns home after a long time away. His mother is tired and his father is ill. He films the places he used to frequent as he reflects on being back. Capturing time can be a cure against time, but maybe filming isn't enough . . .


Sebastián Uría de Asiscla studied arts at university in Salamanca and Granada. After teaching Spanish for a year in France, he took at Master's Degree in Filmmaking and Production at SATIS Film School in Marseille. His first short, Saudade, featured acclaimed actor Naky Sy Savane alongside nonprofessional actors. He teaches online classes in film history for Casa Lamm (Mexico City) and recently produced A estrañeza do paxaro afundido .