16-29 NOV. 2020
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Trini [provisional]


Trini is a granddaughter's struggle to seize the time that Alzheimer's is stealing from her grandparents, Trini and Paco, who are bound together by a simple yet powerful love that reveals the secret to reaching the end of life together.


Marta Romero Coll graduated in audiovisual communication from the la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Together with Borja Segarra, she directed the web series Barbitúrica Burlesque (2014), which premiered at film festivals in Zaragoza and Valencia. Her dance film 9241 (2017) has been screened at festivals worldwide. She is currently juggling two projects: Facunda, which premiered at the 52nd Alcances Documentary Film Festival, and Trini, selected for the Dones Visuals Acció Viver in 2019.