16-29 NOV. 2020
Onsite + Online

Sota un mateix cel. La Trinitat des de dins


“In mid-March, we were getting ready to shoot a film about the rich variety of people who live in our neighbourhood, when the school had to close. We held a series of online meetings and decided to go ahead with our documentary by filming inside people's homes and capturing what we could see and hear from the windows.” By adapting to changing circumstances, the children behind this project created a film that became both a lockdown diary and a remarkable story of the rich culture of the Trinitat Nova neighbourhood in Barcelona, featuring a panoply of voices in Catalan, Spanish, Arabic, Georgian, Pulaar, Russian, Urdu and Chinese.


Sota un mateix cel. La Trinitat des de dins is a group film made by first-year secondary pupils at the Escola Trinitat Nova as part of the Cinema en curs educational filmmaking initiative, which since 2005 has grown from its humble beginnings in Catalonia to become a worldwide programme. Cinema en curs draws on the talents of filmmakers and teachers to introduce filmmaking to primary and secondary schools as a creative art and has carried out a number of projects over the years.
A film by Valeria Amarkhanova, Aya Arabbate, Adama Barry, Chahd Benlahcen-Ouriaghli, Mariana Céspedes, Arvind Chand, Giorgi Chelidze, Ana Maria Ciortan, Yasmin Elafi, Nicolas Florez, Sara Heredia, Iman Maaroufi, Aliyan Majeed, Manuel Moreno, Yaiza Moreno, Catiana Ortiz, Kelly Jácome, Nerea Pires Aurora, Ibraheem Rashid Malik, Roger Reyes, Saba Sadunishvili, Cristal Salazar Isaula, Sofia Vasquez, Brittany Vergara and Zhanpeng Xia.
Aided and abetted by Pilar Armengol, Noemí Bibolas, Fernando González de Llanos (teachers) and Jordi Morató (filmmaker).