16-22 November 2015


Momoko Seto

Country: France
Year: 2014
Format: Digital
Length: 12 min
Image: Colour
Language: No dialogue

Production company: LES FILMS DE L'ARLEQUIN
Producer: Dora Benousilio
Screenplay: Momoko Seto
Animation: Momoko Seto
Editor: Denis Bedlow
Music: Yann Leguay
Sound: Yann Leguay


On PLANET Σ giant creatures are trapped inside the ice. When a series of underwater explosions triggers global warming, new life begins.


  1. Hong Kong International Film Festival 2015
  2. Tampere Film Festival (Finlandia) 2015
  3. Berlinale International Film Festival (Alemania) 2015
  4. Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht (Países Bajos) 2015
  5. 20th Split Film Festival (Croacia) 2015