16-22 November 2015

Une jeunesse allemande (A German Youth)

Jean-Gabriel Périot

Country: France, Switzerland, Germany
Year: 2015
Format: Digital
Length: 93 min
Image: BW/Colour
Language: German
Subtitles: Spanish, English

Production company: Local Films, Alina Film, Blinker filmproduktion
Producer: Nicolas Brevière, David Epiney, Eugenia Mumenthaler, Meike Martens
Screenplay: Jean-Gabriel Périot
Editor: Jean-Gabriel Périot
Music: Alan Mumenthaler
Sound: Etienne Curchod

Contact: valeska@filmsboutique.com

Presented by: David Epiney 22/11


The history of the Red Army Faction (RAF) and the images created by this story. Made entirely out of film and audio material, with no commentary, this film tracks the RAF's gradual transformation and increasing politicisation along the road to armed resistance. An outsider’s view of West Germany in the RAF era, a time and a movement that still resonates in today’s society.


Jean-Gabriel Périot (Bellac, 1974) works as a video artist, cinematographer and editor using found footage and archive material. Many of his films have been screened at l'Alternativa, including 21.04.02 (2002), We Are Winning Don’t Forget (2004), Eût-elle été criminelle (2006), Nijuman no borei (2007, winner of the Documentary Prize), L’art délicat de la matraque (2009), The Devil (2012), We Are Become Death (2014). Une jeunesse allemande is his debut feature.



  1. Berlinale
  2. Prix SCAM - Cinéma du Réel
  3. Mention Especial - BAFICI